Cowboy Legacy

Cowboy Legacy
Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1626014390
Romance Suspense

Love’s Legacy 1

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

Twenty-three-year-old Nyssa Dupre was summoned to Applegate Valley to meet Albert Dupre.  She and the elderly gentleman had been corresponding by mail concerning genealogy.  She stepped off the stagecoach, a beautiful orphan, only to discover Dupre was her great grandfather, and she had inherited his estate.  She found herself drawn to the sheriff.  One carriage ride with her, and he knew she was just the woman he and his brothers were looking for.  In Applegate Valley,it was common to share a woman.

Nyssa Dupre had a special talent that most people feared.  She had learned to stay to herself.  Settling down in Applegate Valley sounded nice, but when the residents discover her secret, she was sure they would run her out of town.

I love a good western.  Cowboy Legacy has an excellent plot.  However, the voice of the characters is lacking.  The characters’ dialogue sounds too contemporary.  That did not stop me from enjoying this book. Another thing I noticed was the size of Nyssa.  She was referred to as small, but 5’ 10” is not small.  I was captured from the moment Nyssa stepped off the train.  I think most women would like to marry triplets.  This story has humor, romance, hot sex, love, suspense, adventure, and a happy ending.  What more can I ask for?